Somaliland President Inaugurated 12-KLM Road


HARGEISA—Somaliland President inaugurated a tiny partial 12-KLM road section, a part of greater Berbera Corridor. A convoy of cars carrying dignitaries arrived at the scene to take part in the celebration of the sectional inauguration of the Berbera road linking it to other major towns in Somaliland and beyond.

Despite of the funds of multi-million for the Berbera Corridor, the project has on and off for several years—the two local subcontractors withdrew from the project and left the scene complaining about overdue payments and unable to maintain breakeven point. However, the road is under construction after the ex-tarmac of the 80 KLM long of the road has been removed or severely damaged.

Trucks use a rough roads away from the road supposedly under maintenance meeting unnecessary delays.


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