SNM veteran responds to controversial Somali official


HARGEISA- Boobe Yusuf Du’aale, a veteran SNM fighter,  called on Somaliland’s government for a strong response to an official in Somalia who justified the genocide against the people of Somaliland in the 1980s.

Boobe Yusuf Du’aale urged Somaliland’s government to take General Abdirahman Abdi Hussein known as Guulwade to the International Court for crimes against humanity. Boobe said the Somali official admitted to the crimes he is accused of, adding that his prosecution doesn’t require any external testimonies.

Before tendering his resignation yesterday, Abdirahman Guulwade was a member of a committee appointed by Somalia’s president for the talks between Somaliland and Somalia. Villa Somalia accepted his resignation yesterday after his controversial remarks surfaced disowning his remarks.

His resignation followed controversial remarks he made in an interview where he absolved the regime of Siyad Barre of any wrongdoing. People in Somaliland found these remarks extremely offensive given the genocidal campaign that Siyad Barre waged against them in the 1980s.

Even before the latest controversial remarks, Somaliland has rejected the General’s membership in the negotiation committee for his association with Siyad Barre’s regime. General Abdirahman Abdi Hussein served in the infamous Guuulwade forces under Siyad Barre and was the last police commissioner of the authoritarian regime.



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