Somaliland Government Unveils Electronic Payment System for its Employees


HARGEISA – Somaliland government unveiled an electronic system payment system for its employees that will reinforce the cashless economy of the country.

The program dubbed E-shilling will be used to pay the government employees’ Salaries simultaneously in electronic money.

This was launched in a ceremony attended by the vice president Abdirahman Ismail Sayli’i, the head of civil service, Farhan Adan Haybe, and the officials of the Central Bank.

Somaliland’s Central Bank which created the system said the program will strengthen transparency and accountability. The bank added that the step will facilitate faster salary payment for the government employees in the regions.

Vice president Abdirahman Sayli’i considered the new payment system part of the financial reforms introducing by the government. He, too, said the objective is to achieve transparency and accountability.

Somaliland is a world leader in cashless payment with mobile money transfer being the most common method of payment in the country. The government’s embrace of the digital payment system will take her long way in creating the first cashless society in the world.



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