Somaliland: SOLJA Condemns The Suspension of The Foore Newspaper

Somaliland Journalist Association Condemns the Suspension of Foore Newspaper by the Maroodijeh regional court.Horndiplomat
The following statement was issued today by Somaliland journalist association(Solja)
This is a quick alert upon the court decision against Foore Newspaper which has been on-going recently. After Foore newspaper published14/10/2018 a news article regarding relocation of the Somaliland presidential palace to a new location where they compared this building which costs huge money against the social needs including health and education.
 Foore newspaper is an independent newspaper operating in Somaliland. The Attorney general office filed against a case this newspaper alleging on false news regarding the recent planning of the government on relocating the presidential palace to a new location. Thus, after court hearing on 14/1/2019, In this morning of 09/2/2019 the court suspended the newspaper in 1 year and also fined 3 million Somaliland Shillings. Also, the Editor of Newspaper Mohamed Mohamud Yusuf was jailed this morning too. SOLJA is condemning this decision as it’s against the Press freedom guaranteed in the constitution and media laws enriched the press freedom and enjoyment of media works without the least interference and threat.
Hence, yesterday on 09/2/2019, SOLJA retained the freedom of Mohamed Mohamud Yusuf the editor of Foore newspaper, a local newspaper suspended & fined yesterday after payment of 3million SL shillings. Also, we SOLJA held a press conference condemning the court verdict against the media freedom, in the conference SOLJA chairman Mohamud Abdi Jama also mentioned we are not confined by the charges and decided for Appeal.
We will keep you posted for any new information regarding this newspaper,
Source: Horndiplomat


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